The VACU-FOAM® principle

The VACU-FOAM® unit consists of three main components:

  • The foam generator with delivery unit
  • The foam application unit with doctor blade
  • The automatic process control system for production monitoring

The treatment foam is produced with a defined litre weight in the foam generator by the addition of a special foaming agent. The foam is spread onto the rubber cloth (3) of the VACU-FOAM® unit by a traversing hose upline of a doctor blade (2) and then transported to a vacuum drum (4) at a constant height. The fabric (1) passes through the unit in a "sandwich" process between the impermeable rubber cloth (3) and the vacuum drum (4), whereby the foam is "sucked" uniformly through the fabric so that the fabric receives only the amount of chemicals and moisture required for finishing. That is hi-tec for payback.

Your payback with the VACU-FOAM® technique:

  • Reduced liquor absorption
  • Reduced drying costs (no intermediate drying required)
  • Further increased production speed
  • Less migration problems
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced chemicals consumption
  • Reduced waste water pollution

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