Designed to meet the diverse demands

Indutech is a prime example for a wide range of applications and underlines Monforts high quality standard as a “leader in innovation” e.g.:

Indutech: Conductive textiles, 3D textiles, fuel cells

Our finishing Lines for Indutech at a glance:



Universal coating range for woven and knitted fabrics

Range for universal coating of woven fabrics (e.g. truck tilts) and stabilising substrates (wovens)

Twin-belt drier for stabilisation of three-dimensional structured knitted fabrics

Range for drying, fixing and stretching e.g. of industrial filters, printing screens, membranes, etc.

We would be pleased to elaborate individual solutions to meet your specific requirements in personal discussions with you. We offer you tailor-made and professional solutions  in the fields of use, application and drying techniques and range  concepts for different technical textiles. Our experienced technicians  and practised technologists are at your side.


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