Eco Booster HRC

The ECO Booster HRC is completely integrated into the new chamber design of the Montex 8000. For ranges up to 8 fields, only one ECO Booster HRC module is required.

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Heat Recovery

The intelligent, integrated heat recovery module with automated cleaning system. By contrast with purely static heat exchanger modules, the new ECO Booster HRC module is characterised in that it is cleaned automatically while the stenter range is running so that a constant optimum efficiency is assured. It eliminates standstill times for maintenance and hence significantly increases the range availability.
The ECO Booster HRC module is equipped with an electric drive which permits computer-controlled optimisation of the heat exchanger performance to the prevailing exhaust air streams, something that is not possible with purely static heat exchanger modules.The optimum efficiency of the ECO Booster HRC allows process costs to be further reduced.

During the cleaning cycle, the ECO Booster HRC requires only 100 litres of water. The whole process is automatically controlled and monitored.


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